What You Should Know About Thai Boxing and the MMA

880422_rockyEven if you watch MMA all the time, or even if you’re just getting started competing in it, there are probably still things that you don’t know about the sport.

If you’re watching at home it’s really not an issue, but if you’re a competitor, not knowing a crucial piece of the puzzle could cause you some problems later on.

For example, Thai boxing is one of the most popular methods of training for MMA because there is so much of it that can be incorporated. The two are similar in a lot of ways, and MMA is not a new sport. The Greeks and the Romans did something very similar, and MMA has only evolved and changed from that point.

A lot of people don’t realize that and think that the sport ‘came into existence’ just a few years ago. These same people also often do not realize how much is at stake for MMA fighters and how serious they are about the game. If you’re serious about MMA, Richmond can be the place to train, as they have many fine schools there were you can learn Thai boxing and other techniques that can move you into contention.

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